Our Mission

Lab scientists (from left to right): Sameer Sirohi, Martyn Foster and Yemisi Solanke

Our mission is to attain disease control in inflammatory diseases of the gastrointestinal tract (GI) and the eye. We aim for our products to become the standard of care in our target diseases, improving the lives of patients throughout the world. With our combination of cutting-edge science, experienced team, expert advisers and blue chip investors, we are confident we can achieve this mission.

Our business strategy is to identify and develop novel NSKI anti-inflammatory compounds through to proof-of-concept (POC) in selected GI and eye diseases where there are pressing unmet medical needs. Once POC has been demonstrated, we intend to out-license our programmes to partners to complete the development of these important molecules and to undertake their commercialisation.

TopiVert has adopted a semi-virtual business model, using a combination of in-house expertise and a strong network of advisers and service providers to expedite our programmes and achieve capital efficiency. We have team of scientists located along with the management team in South Kensington, London that undertakes important in-house testing of our NSKI compounds. We out-source and carefully manage partner companies to undertake all other development activities.