NSKI Technology

Model of an NSKI (pink) bound to one of the target kinases (green)

TopiVert is developing next generation kinase inhibitors using its Non-Systemic Kinase Inhibitor (NSKI) technology. We are applying our technology in the areas of gastrointestinal (GI) and eye inflammatory diseases.

NSKIs have two key attributes which promise enhanced efficacy and improved safety over current therapy in these areas: (i) each molecule has potent activity against a select range of key kinases that play pivotal roles in multiple inflammatory pathways which results in broad synergistic effect in models of both innate and adaptive immunity; (ii) they are specifically designed to exhibit a non-systemic mode of action, with minimal exposure of the drug to the rest of the body.

These characteristics make NSKIs uniquely adapted as treatments for diseases where long-term therapy demands a sustained effect together with excellent safety and tolerability.